Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hanna Panda

This is my daughter Hanna P.

I took this photo in May, right when Vancouver was beginning to see it's first signs of summer. I remember this day really well because I was hanging out with my good buddy Phoenix and we were out for a walk by Science World. We stopped to hang out on the rocky beach for awhile with HP and take a few photos. After this shot was taken I stood up to take my sweater off and as I threw my arms out my engagement ring went flying off my hand into the sand. P was a trooper while I cried hysterically and combed the rocks. Luckily we found it after only a 15 minute search. I would've been dead meat if I had've been standing a few inches closer to the ocean.

I also remember this day really well because it was the first time I ate Pho. It was delicious.

What's funny about this photo is the fact that when my husband saw it, he thought he took it - so that means it must be a good photo. I actually had to regail him with the above information to prove that I took it. The reflection on Hanna's eye is from Phoenix's watch - the sun was catching it and making relections on Hanna face. I tried to take a couple but this is the only one that really turned out.

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