Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

As you can see, I've done a whole lot of back-posting. It's been a crazy couple weeks back in Vancouver. We've all been under the weather with a few different seasonal goodies despite our desperate attempts to avoid them. Point being, I got a bit behind on a few things but am really trying to start the New Year off positively! Now that we're all on the mend it's time to clean house and start some projects.

Over the holidays I had the chance to help Syx shoot a wedding for an old friend of his. What an amazing experience, both photographically and personally. There's a great energy in a room filled with that much love. And on the photographic side, Syx took some rad creative shots and go real creative with lighting and it was nice to be able to observe and learn.

I can actually feel myself slowly becoming a photo geek. All of a sudden my eyes aren't glazing over when the boys are talking gear or lightroom.

We stayed in Niagara Falls after for a few nights and got a chance to hang out with our friends Holly and Eric which also turned into a great impromptu lesson. Syx ended up shooting Eric in his attic workspace and I helped! We got creative, and the shots turned out great!

I'm hoping all these lessons help fuel my own creativity this year. I really feel like I have this itch I need to scratch.

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